Booking In

Upon acceptance of your quotation, a confirmation of booking will be sent to you confirming your arrangements.

1 Week

  • Collect your dry cleaning.
  • Finalise any outstanding accounts.
  • Cancel any home deliveries.
  • Confirm disconnection and readings for gas, electricity, phones, etc.
  • Check your checklist that you have notified all the relevant people.
  • Make a list of all the things your family will need on moving day, and start to put them aside.
  • Drain the fuel from the lawn mower and similar equipment.
  • Disassemble outdoor items such as swings and trampolines and prefabricated furniture such as computer desks.
  • Collect any medical and school records.

Day Before

Defrost the refrigerator and freezer, and remove all the food. If the fridge/freezer will be stored, ensure it is dried out.

Washing machine motor and agitator bowls may need to be secured, check the manufacturer’s guidelines. Drain washing machine hoses and leave to dry overnight.

Make sure everything is packed and ready to go.

Place the items you are taking with you in a separate and secure place so they are not loaded onto the truck.

Check, check and check again around the house for anything you may have overlooked that needs to be packed.

Confirm your forwarding bookings e.g. travel, accommodation, etc if applicable.

Expect a phone call from one of the Ballarat Removals Operations Team to confirm your removal and start time for the following day.

Moving Day

Rise early and be prepared for the arrival of the removalist. Pack final items, strip beds of linen and ensure that parking is available for the truck.

If possible drop young children off with a friend or babysitter and secure pets.

Pack a small box with some snack food, tea, coffee, sugar, mugs, soap and towel.

Put bed legs and cupboard door keys in a place you will remember and find again.


When your removal team arrives, they will request that you show them through each room and point out any items which are not to be moved. Removing, stowing and protecting furniture is like completing a giant jig saw puzzle. Each item is selected from each room in the house according to its strength, weight, dimension and fragility. This is why the loading process takes time and why it is not practical to empty one full room at a time.

On Interstate moves the removalists will fill in a condition report noting any pre-existing damage to items such as scratches or dents, and a duplicate copy will be provided. This process is completed prior to uplift in your presence so that an agreed condition is signed and documented by both parties.

It is a requirement that the client remains on site during the uplift and ensures that all items to be moved have been taken and that no items have been left behind or taken in error.


It is important that either you or a representative is on site at delivery to advise the removalists of the furniture placement.

On completion, one of the team will call the office for a total cost and provide you with this figure for payment. Cash or credit card can then be used to make payment. You will be asked to sign the job sheet.